On the Road Again


Finally, after the misery of a broken rib, I is back on the grind. I’ve been writing a lot lately, not about the Ube life, unfortunately, but some fiction and another blog I started geared towards that sort of thing.

I’ll share that down the road, once I get my dot com purchased and stuff.

I’ve been out on the road a few times, with no interesting rides. It has been dead for me. Either my area switched to Lyft, or there is a grip more drivers in my hood sucking up all my business. I used to own the nights. Sucks a fatty and I’ve been bored as balls.

I did drive a couple to LAX  a couple weeks back and I couldn’t help but think about running people over, bustin’ caps with my uzi and looking for stunt jumps. The last 300 times I had been there was on GTA 5.

I took another girl to L.A. just the other night. A friend hooked her up with the ride and she was so happy to be leaving the area, she had broken down in tears. She said she had been stuck here for awhile.

“I came out here on a quest for love and he turned out to be the biggest idiot ever,” she said. “I’m just so happy to finally be leaving this place, so excuse me if I breakdown crying back here.”

She cried for awhile with her head down. I felt bad for her, but I was happy that she was moving on to a better place.

I dropped her off in an alleyway—it didn’t appear that she had anywhere to go and that she was on her own. It was sad

“Good luck,” I said.

“Thanks, please pray for me. I’m going to need all that I can get.”

I wish her the best, whatever her name was—she never told me.

Last night I drove a small family with a baby in a dirty diaper that I had the pleasure of smelling for the fifteen minute ride.

This has been the extent of my adventures so far. I need to recalibrate and get my hustle on, nom’tom’bout?

It’s been slow and boring, but I’m optimistic about it, I hope to get back in the flow of things soon. I do enjoy driving for Uber, although they seem to enjoy sticking their foots up their asses and then in their mouths. Then, like they have forgotten what poop tastes like, they stick it back up their ass again. I hope Uber gets their shit together, because it just might be time to peep out Lyft, and see what’s cracking up in der.

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