Scratching of the Balls

The first time I heard this phraise was from a long time friend.

“What are you doing?”

“Scratchin’ balls.” It was his way of saying, I ain’t doing shit.

Well, with this fractured rib, I’ve been scratching balls a lot lately. If I was still a smoker, I’d probably have lung cancer already, because I know I would be chain smoking like a fool.

I started reading Stephen King’s It, and I’m toying around with a plot for my second short story. But when I’m sitting in a chair, reading, writing, and even watching TV–it gets old (I hate TV, but I find myself watching it more these days). Video games only go so far, as I’m not into them as much as I used to be–I must be growing up.

But then you remember the title of this post and realize that I haven’t.

This is my fourth blog to date, and while this is still a fairly new blog, I have already surpassed the others in content and satisfaction (minus the anxiety of sharing one’s work). Plus, I have been able to explore the craft of writing with this adventure much more. You only get good at something by doing it–and this keeps me doing it.

I look forward to getting Ubed up again, the money isn’t always great, but as an aspiring writer, it gives me a chance to learn how real people speak at each other, when they’re not shitting in my car.

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