Lunch Break Report vol. 1


Before clocking out for lunch, I spent sometime in the far corner of a Walmart parking-lot. I fiddled with my phone for a bit before I heard some brief screaming. I dismissed it as punk music pouring out of some So-Cal bro truck that passed behind me.

A few moments later, I heard it again.

I pulled away from my phone and saw a man and a woman arguing. There were two rows between us, but I had a pretty good view. It was quickly established that this was a heated exchange or words and emotions. A woman in a blue shirt was screaming at a tall man in a black shirt.

Its sad to say, that the first thing I thought of was this blog. I picked up my phone and started recording. Then I stopped, realizing I forgot to turn my phone sideways before recording like a responsible phone-camera man.

I started again.

He charged her, and for a second, I thought he was going to sock her.

You probably think I’m an asshole by now, for recording and not looking out for the woman’s well being. I have a second phone that I use for music and the Uber driver app. I had that phone ready to call the man if it were necessary, but I wanted no part of someone else’s drama.

Shit happens, people argue and people fight. I would have reluctantly intervened if one of them was in serious danger from the other. People should help each other when able, but I was working, and interfering with their business is not my responsibility, so I watched—and filmed.


I helped a woman once that was mugged in the middle of the night, in our apartment complex after I had smoked, what we referred to as a chronic blunt back then. I was incredibly stoned, and I had to talk to a police officer. It sucked. I was glad to have helped someone in need, but that’s a whole other story.

Anyways, I smoke a joint on my extended lunch break, forgive me if I veer off topic again. I’ll try my best, but no promises.

Back to the lovely couple.

They looked like they were going to box for a second. The lady in the blue shirt stood her ground when they weren’t walking back and forth flinging verbal shit at each other. The argument had centered around a gold minivan.

The woman then walked off and out of the parking-lot, but he ran after her. By this time I stopped recording, because it was really pointless, there wasn’t much going on other than yelling. But I couldn’t help but watch, sitting there waiting for my next customer.

An argument for the keys to the van persisted and she threw them. When he chased the keys down, she broke for the van. But he was quick to get back to her and with a hard shove, he pushed her down to the asphalt. It looked like he was going to kick her, but they were behind a parked RV at that moment, I couldn’t see what they were doing.

They both quickly emerged from the other side where he was in the lead with the keys. I could hear him talking shit to her. She gave chase, but was too slow. The tall man hopped in the van and peeled out of the parking space with the sliding door still open.

She stopped. She turned around and walked away.

The woman in the blue shirt appeared to be fine, but I’m sure she was a raging volcano inside.

I was tempted to offer her a ride, off the clock and for free, just to help her out—but…I didn’t want to get mixed up in that hot ass mess. For all I knew, her dude would be wherever she would want to go, if she excepted, because then I’d be up in the eye of that shit storm.

Fuck that.

I felt bad for not wanting to go through with wanting to help someone. But we live in an ever changing crazy ass world, and as the human race’s population grows, the crazies grow larger.

You never know what you going to get with a stranger. The difference with Ubering, these fools don’t usually enter my vehicle mid rock’em sock’em.

It was time to go home for lunch. I hoped the lady in the blue shirt’s day would get better.

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