The Backseat


It was dark and cold. I had been sitting in my car for a little over thirty minutes without a fare. I was in an empty grocery store parking lot that didn’t have the best lighting, but it was in a good spot between bars, so I laid low in the gloomy lot.

I had never felt uncomfortable before, but I always stayed alert and aware of my surroundings to the best of my ability.

I looked down and noticed my doors were unlocked, so I mashed my index finger on the locking button and brought a little sense of security to the dark lot. My mind drifted off into the night, the images and thoughts remained elusive as I never settled on a solid feeling.

I was simply there—but I wasn’t.

My eyes shifted up to the mirror and my heart stopped.

In the mirror, I found a large shadowy figure in the backseat behind me. In that split second of panic and after a double take, I realized that there was nothing there. My heart started to beat again.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Shadow has come to visit me. He doesn’t have a schedule, he’s a fan of the pop-in, and likes to sporadically surprise me. Sometimes he startles me while I’m driving.

I scrunched my eyes tight and then blinked several times. I sighed and leaned my head on the headrest. I laughed at myself. I knew the boogie man wasn’t real and I knew it was all just in my head, but sometimes, that asshole gets me pretty good.

He’s a dick.

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