Snoring in the Rain


It was the weekend after New Years, and I figured it would be slow—but not as slow as it was. I sat in my car and stared out the window at nothing.

It was dead, and I was bored stupid.

My book sat on the seat next to me and I almost picked it up a few times, but I wasn’t in the mood for reading. I impatiently waited for my stupid phone to notify me of a job.

Music wasn’t enough at that point. It just sucked.

Everyone was asleep at home and I was wide awake. The rain drizzled onto the windshield and the wet cold night offered no entertainment, and no work.

After relocating to a new spot several times throughout the night, I ended up driving a big loop around town looking for at least one fare before I called it a night.

All the bar and restaurant parking-lots were bare, as I knew they would be, but I figured there would be at least a few bites out there.

There. Were. None.

I pulled in at home and parked in my space. I turned the car off and stared at my mounted phone.

You stupid bitch, I whispered as I logged off.

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