New Year’s Eve Pt. Deux


After leaving Mr. Conversation and his mute at the locked down mansion in the rainy shadows, I shot over to a friends for a short visit before peeping out what the good people of Redlands were getting into for the night.

My first fare in Redlands was a pair of elderly couples out on a double date. I picked them up downtown and all four piled in. I never really got a good look at any of them, but the lady in the red jacket sat up front with me.

They all gave her a hard time because she was the smallest of the bunch and the three of them were crammed in the back.

It was obvious to me at this point that the trio in the back had one too many glasses of wine. They were a fun bunch. The red jacket carried on a pleasant conversation with me that the others plugged in and out of here and there. They maintained their own light conversation in the back.

The woman sitting behind me started going on about her wonderful pants she was wearing and informed her husband that he had bought them for her.

“Oh yeah?” he chuckled.

She then told her husband how great she looked in her perfect pants, and of course he agreed. He obviously had a lifetime of experience to know how to respond to such a statement, even all boozed up.

The red jacket turns to me, “I bet you hear all kinds of things and have all kinds of stories.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.”

The couples erupted with laughter.

Trousers leaned up behind me, “You can tell the world about my pants.”

We all laughed.

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